Hack the Boss

Use X-Ray Goggles to make an opinionated remix of an employer website. Change the jobs page to reflect what the company is really like to work for.

Made by Hack Aye


  1. Create your own remix or work with someone else. Start by browsing to an employer website recruitment section, for example:

    Open one of these, or an employer jobs page of your choice, in a new tab.

  2. Click Activate X-Ray Goggles on the browser bookmark toolbar. X-Ray Goggles will activate.

    X-Ray Goggles Activated

    To use X-Ray Goggles on a new browser, visit this page and add it to the bookmarks toolbar.

  3. Move your mouse around the page to see the elements highlight - clicking one will allow you to edit it. Try it on an section of text you want to change.

    Text Edit

    Edit the text and click Update to see your changes incorporated into the page.

  4. Edit an image on the page. Select one using X-Ray Goggles and you should see its code appear in the edit section. To change the image, you will need to change the src attribute - this is the address that appears between the inverted commas after src=.

    X-Ray Image

    Find an image online that you want to swap into the page. For example, in a new tab, carry out a web search for "food bank", find an image and right-click on it, selecting the option to copy its location.

    Go back to the tab with your remix in it and replace the existing image URL with the new one.

    Image Swapped

    Click Update to store your image change in your remix.

  5. Try altering any other parts of the page you like, such as links - click on a link and alter the href value using X-Ray Goggles, so that people clicking the link are taken somewhere different. Each time you make a change, Update to save it.

  6. Publish your remix by clicking Publish you'll see when you hover near the right-hand side of the page with X-Ray Goggles activated. Click Publish to Internet. Webmaker will respond with the URL of your new "make".

    Here's the example we used above: Hack Aye's remix of G1 Group

    Remixed Page

    Here's another example: Hack Aye's remix of Sports Direct

    Sports Direct Website
    Sports Direct Remix

    Have your say! Sick of companies giving their staff zero hours and zero respect? Change an employer's site to show the way you see them.